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Antibacterial Hand, Face Body Cleansing Foam

Antibacterial Hand, Face Body Cleansing Foam

Have Antibacterial Cleaning Experience
Without the Need of Rinsing !

We touch many objects throughout the day. Our hands are full of harmful bacteria that spread from surfaces that are touched all day long. White King Antibacterial Cleaning Foam defies bacteria thanks to its special formula. It has been developed for general use for hand, face and body cleansing. It provides a very practical and hygienic cleaning experience for daily use by providing effective protection against bacteria without the need for water, soap and towels. It helps prevent epidemic and infectious diseases by destroying 99.99% of the tested bacteria (*) and providing antibacterial activity.

8 Impacts in One Product!

  • It kills 99.99% ofthe tested bacteria.
  • It destroys the tested bacteria in1minute.
  • It provides antibacterial effect by killing the testedbacteria.
  • It is effective against tested gram (+)and gram (-)bacteria.
  • It has been proven by clinical tests that it does not causeskin irritation.
  • Thanks to its special formula, it helps moisturize the skin.
  • It is formulated in the pH value range compatiblewith the skin.
  • Thanks to its special formula, no water and soap is required.
Technical Documents
  • PDF l Technical Specifications
  • PDF l User Manual