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White Faster Chlorex EfervesanTablet

White Faster Chlorex EfervesanTablet

Entirely New Cleaning Solution
with the Innovative Formula!

WhiteFaster Chlorex EfervesanTablet,is a disinfection product used in personal, public and medical spaces as a floor and surface disinfectant. It was developed to provide 99.99% fast effect against micro organisms in a very wide spectrum,including the specifically tested viruses, bacteria and fungus.

6.W.F.MSDS-Dezenfektan-Tablet+1White Faster Chlorex Effervescent Tabletis a stable product.It maintains its disinfection capacity against and prevents reproduction of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria and fungus onfloors and surfaces for a long time even after the application. White Faster Chlorex floor and surface disinfectant tablets are in effervescent form and it immediately starts to dissolve when the recommended dose of 1 tablet is dropped in 1 litre of water. When dissolution is completed, the solutionis ready to use with 1,500 ppm of active agent content.

Technical Documents
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